Encouraging a life long love of sports

As caregivers living in the digital age, we are increasingly being warned about the negative effects of screen time and a lack of physical activity on our youngsters development. With alarming stats thrust at us regarding childhood obesity, its any wonder were not forcing our kids to run on treadmills after the school day for hours on end!


But there are far more reasons for our children to develop a life long love of sports besides being deemed unhealthy, and at Kelly Sports, we passionately share this message with over 22,000 children nationwide each and every week.


Physical activity has long been attributed to improved physical and emotional health in children. Stimulating growth, physical activity and participation in sport supports the development of fundamental motor skills including hand-eye coordination (essential when learning to read), proprioception (their awareness of their own body), the vestibular system (inner ear balance) and visual processing.


Participating in sport from an early age is also important for fostering social interaction skills (such as co-operation, taking turns and encouraging others), developing concentration and listening skills, dealing with conflict (needing to play by the rules) and encouraging children to associate physical activity with fun.


Given the increased societal pressure from digital media to be perfect – whether that be having the perfect body or getting perfect grades – physical activity is also known for reliving stress and anxiety, not to mention increasing mental sharpness and improving ones sleep.


At Kelly Sports, our mission is to ignite a life long love of sports in children of all ages across Australia. A mission we've excelled in for over 20 years, we are passionate about introducing children to sport from pre-school years onwards to help them excel as a team member and individual.


We provide a range of fun and stimulating programmes that develop children's fundamental sporting skills in an environment that encourages children to give sport a go.


Theres no time like the present to introduce your child to the enjoyment that comes with physical activity.

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