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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 16 Jan 2024

Last updated: 7th of January 2024

All references to "Kelly Sports clinics" in the following Terms and Conditions encompass
all Kelly Sports programs and activities.


1.1 Kelly Sports Clinics: Enrolment in a Kelly Sports Clinic constitutes a commitment for
the entire term. Full payment is required by the invoice due date, regardless of
attendance. Parents/guardians and students are responsible for ensuring lesson

1.2 Kelly Sports Programs: Enrolment in a Kelly Sports Program secures your selected
days/times. Payment is mandatory by the invoice due date unless a minimum of 24-
hour notice is given for a student's absence. Parents/guardians and students are
responsible for ensuring lesson attendance.

1.3 Program Duration: The duration of Kelly Sports Programs may vary based on
location and type.

1.4 Late Payment: Failure to pay by the due date is considered a breach of this
agreement. Kelly Sports reserves the right to withdraw students from programs for late

1.5 Late Pick-Ups: A late pick-up fee of $15 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) may be
charged at the discretion of the Program Manager.

1.6 Indemnity: Parents/guardians agree to indemnify Kelly Sports against all recovery
costs associated with outstanding payments.

1.7 Discontinued Sessions: Kelly Sports reserves the right to discontinue a student's
participation for reasons including but not limited to inappropriate behavior and non-
payment of fees.

1.8 Price Changes: Program costs are subject to termly review. Any changes will be
communicated at least one month in advance, where possible.

1.9 Acceptance of Policies: Enrolling in a program implies agreement with the Kelly
Sports Programme Policies and Procedures Manual, available upon request.


2.1 Missed Sessions: No refunds for missed sessions or early withdrawal.

2.2 Canceled Sessions: Fees for sessions canceled by Kelly Sports and not
rescheduled will be credited to the next term.

2.3 Notice of Absence: No refunds for missed sessions without a minimum 24-hour prior


3.1 Expectations: Children are expected to demonstrate respect, fairness, and courtesy
towards coaches, staff, and fellow participants. Inappropriate behavior may result in
removal from the program.

3.2 Responsibility: Children are expected to follow the rules and instructions provided by
the coaches and staff for their safety and the safety of others.


4.1 Watching Sessions: Parents/guardians are welcome to observe their child’s
sessions. However, they must do so without causing disruption to the program.

4.2 No Photography/Video Recording: To protect the privacy of all children,
photography or video recording during sessions is strictly prohibited unless expressly
permitted by Kelly Sports management.


5.1 Medical Information: In the interest of the child’s well-being, while in the care of Kelly
Sports, the program must be informed of any medical or other conditions affecting the
child. This information should be included in your ‘Child’s Details’ in your online account,
and updated if conditions develop or change.

5.2 Asthma and Anaphylactic Health Conditions: If your child has asthma and/or
anaphylactic health conditions, you must provide the Kelly Sports manager with their
Action Plan and Medication at the start of every session. Failure to do so means the
child cannot partake in the session. Kelly Sports cannot be held accountable for
incidents occurring without their Action Plan and medication.

5.3 Emergency Equipment: Kelly Sports coaches do not carry spare Epipens and/or
Asthma Emergency packs.

5.4 Notification Requirement: Parents must inform Kelly Sports if their child has asthma
or anaphylaxis upon enrolment. An action plan is required before participation in any
program, and must be updated annually or upon any change. Not all Kelly Sports
coaches are anaphylaxis and asthma trained. Kelly Sports will endeavor to ensure the
correctly trained coach is in charge of the program.

5.5 Student Care: Kelly Sports is not responsible for students outside of the agreed
program time or for students making their way to and from a program venue.

5.6 Health and Safety Emergencies: In an emergency where a child needs medical
attention, staff will make every effort to contact caregivers/emergency contacts. If
contact is unsuccessful, you authorize the necessary treatment for your child, as
advised by a qualified medical practitioner.

5.7 Ambulance Costs: In the event of an incident requiring an ambulance, Kelly Sports
is not responsible for the costs. Parents/guardians agree to indemnify Kelly Sports for
all costs of obtaining appropriate treatment for their child.


6.1 Child Safe Policy: Kelly Sports is a Child Safe organization. Our Child Safe Policy,
available on the website, outlines our commitment to the safety and well-being of all
children in our programs.

6.2 Reporting Concerns: Any concerns about child safety should be immediately
reported to the Program Manager or Kelly Sports Head Office.

6.3 Child Safe Environment: We strive to create an inclusive, respectful environment for
all children, regardless of their background.


7.1 Use of Images: Kelly Sports may use session photos/videos for promotional/training
purposes unless otherwise stated at enrolment.

7.2 Personal Information: Handled according to the Kelly Sports AUS Privacy Policy,
detailed in Section 8.

7.3 Copyright: Reproduction of program materials without written permission from Kelly
Sports Head Office is prohibited.


For the detailed Privacy Policy, please visit [].
This policy outlines the collection and use of personal information on By using the site, you consent to these terms. Please review
this policy regularly for updates.


9.1 Supervision of Siblings: Kelly Sports is not responsible for supervising siblings of
participants who are present at the program venue but not enrolled in the program.
Parents/guardians are advised that any siblings who accompany a participant but are
not themselves enrolled in the program remain the sole responsibility of the

9.2 Safety and Conduct: Siblings who are present at the program venue but not
participating must adhere to safety and conduct rules applicable to the program
environment. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure that these
siblings do not disrupt the program or pose a safety risk to themselves, participants, or

9.3 Liability: Kelly Sports will not be liable for any incidents, injuries, or accidents
involving siblings who are at the program venue but not enrolled in the program. The
safety and behavior of such individuals are the responsibility of their parents/guardians.