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Non-Traditional Sports Your Kids Will Love

It's easy to forget that sport is all around us! Nontraditional physical activities can benefit children who shy away from traditional sports, such as basketball or cricket. Perhaps your child needs a different challenge or gets easily distracted with moderate team games. Nevertheless,...

Should Kids Play Competitive Sports?

Should Kids Play Competitive Sports?


Playing team sports is an excellent way for kids to have fun while staying healthy.

Playing sports can also teach valuable life lessons like such as how to work as a team, learn how to be a good sport, overcoming challenges, setting goals, make...

Why your Child needs to learn to Swim!

7 Reasons Why Your Child Needs To Learn How To Swim


From staying healthy to having fun, there are several reasons why your child needs to learn how to swim, especially if you're living in Australia where there is water all around us. Kelly Sports agrees that it is absolutely crucial...

Easy And Fun Exercises Activates To Do With Your Kids

If you focus on the fun, exercising won't be a chore!

Kelly Sports provides a range of fun and stimulating programmes that develop children’s fundamental sporting skills in an environment that encourages children to try all sports! When you join Kelly Sports, you join a team that's all about...

Snacks to Pack on The Go

Can your kids just snack and snack and snack? Our little ones are constantly growing so making sure we’re putting nutritious foods into their body is super important. Say goodbye to nasty snacks and hello to healthy habits with our snack ideas below! These snacks are great to pack on the go and...

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