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Kelly Sports’ before-, during- and after-school programmes give your kids the opportunity to get active and learn great new skills from enjoyable and encouraging coaching sessions.

Our popular weekly multi-sport programmes teach kids foundational skills and build their confidence to participate in local sports teams. Our specialised academy programmes are ideal for kids who show strong sporting potential to fine-tune their skills. They also get to learn about other aspects of sport, such as goal-setting, nutrition and teamwork, in a fun but challenging environment.

Our sports holiday programmes provide kids with a huge range of enjoyable sports activities in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We take the stress out of school holidays by giving you the confidence that your children are having a blast and being well-cared for at the same time. Your 5-12-year olds will love the huge variety of sports activities that are designed to inspire and entertain.

Kelly Sports facilitates more than 40 sports based holiday programmes running throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our popular one-hour dance classes teach your 4-12 year olds a fantastic range of styles from ballet and tap through to jazz and hip hop.

Kelly Sports dance classes are a perfect way to develop your child’s coordination, fitness, strength and confidence. There are no expensive costumes, late-night rehearsals or year-end concerts – just fun sessions that focus on rhythm and movement.

Our trained staff will get your kids grooving through gentle encouragement combined with lots of laughter and awesome music.

Kelly Sports can provide qualified staff to officiate football, soccer, netball and basketball games at your next competition.

Other sports are available on request. Our referees help children understand the rules and make their experience as authentic as possible. We also take care of uniforms (if needed), all your HR requirements (contracts, payments, insurance) and can tailor an induction specifically for your school. Our expert coaches can also run specific sports clinics, providing an excellent way for children to train for upcoming tournaments or inter-school competitions.

We run programmes at convenient locations all over Australia.