Team Building Amazing Race

Kelly Sports A-mazing Race team building activity is inspired by The Amazing Race reality competition show. The race takes place on foot and is a venue specific event. (Currently Only Run In Adelaide)

The race provides a great activity for participants to get active whilst exploring the sites of our cosmopolitan capital city.

The Kelly Sports A-mazing Race starts with the group being divided into different teams of 4 - 6 people using ice breakers. These ice breakers are designed to divide the group up in a way that ‘cliques’ are separated and new relationships formed. Once participants grouped team race around Adelaide passing through various checkpoints and challenges along the way. Kelly Sports coaches are positioned at the check-points throughout the race and also assist with the facilitation of the team challenges ( which are sports orientated)  along the way.







Each team is provided with various clues relating to finding each “check-in” point. Some of the “check-in” points have activities and at others the team need to “prove” that they located that specific point. The teams need to find the “check-in” points in the correct sequence which are hidden in different locations throughout the venue. Once a “check-in” point is located, the team either needs to “prove” that the whole team was there, or each member of the team must complete the activity (team work here guys!) before moving onto the next activity. The first team to successfully complete all the activities and tasks is declared the winning team of The Kelly Sports A-mazing Race.

The race is suitable for groups of 20 - 100 people, is generally 3 - 4 hours in duration and covers an easy pace walking distance of approx 8 kms. A Kelly Sports survival kit, bottled water with Kelly Sports logo and bandanas in team colours are provided to race participants.

Some of the specific outcomes for The Kelly Sports A-mazing Race include: Fun and Competition, Roles and DiversityTime ManagementEfficient Team WorkFocus, Lateral Thinking, Problem SolvingGoal Setting and CompletionPlanning, Get to know each other, Improving Communication, Boost Camaraderie and Attention to detail.

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