Programmes for Pre Schools

Kelly Sports Early Childhood Movement Programs:

Early Years (2 - 5 year olds)


Features of the program

  • Includes all mainstream sports (soccer, AFL footy, tennis, basketball, etc.)
  • Uses equipment suitable for 2 to 5 year olds
  • Taught by qualified staff
  • Runs weekly in term time or all year
  • Includes gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye co-ordination
  • Can be conducted in less than 16sq m of space
  • Skill components are taught separately as a key part of mastery before consolidation
  • Wet weather and dry catered for
  • Feedback provided to centre staff on kids needs
  • Can be centre paid or parent paid, but we recommend centre paid for maximum participation and benefit for children


Benefits for Children:

  • Develops critical fundamental motor skills (FMS) such as loco motor and object control skills
  • Encourages children to associate physical activity with fun
  • Fosters social interaction skills such as co-operation, sharing, taking turns, supporting and encouraging others
  • Allows them to learn and practice playing by the rules and dealing with conflict
  • Develops concentration and listening skills
  • Introduces games and behaviors they can integrate into their own unstructured play
  • Gives them another adult role model with whom to engage in a meaningful, responsive and challenging way
  • Skills learnt may assist in transition to primary school



Benefits for Parents

  • Children benefits from structured activity at day care
  • Social skills spill over into home
  • Help playing with peers and siblings
  • Physical growth/health benefits of being activity
  • Activity as a good habit


How we work

  • We will provide you with a qualified instructor  with current WCC
  • We work in 30 or 45 minute blocks as specified by you, this includes setting up and taking the children back to their rooms where applicable
  • We will ensure our program complies with your centre practices and polices on areas such as dealing with conflict resolution between children, reward and recognition of children’s participation and efforts
  • We teach each skill component separately and provide children opportunities to practice to achieve mastery and so self confidence.
  • We will provide feedback to the Centre on kid’s needs and progress to use within their activity planning and reporting to parents, or report to parents direct if required.  Reporting will be in line with best practice for pre schools.

Complete our Pre Schools enquiry form online or contact your local Kelly Sports office directly to find out how the Kelly Sports Programme can benefit your pre school.

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