Should Kids Play Competitive Sports?

Should Kids Play Competitive Sports?


Playing team sports is an excellent way for kids to have fun while staying healthy.

Playing sports can also teach valuable life lessons like such as how to work as a team, learn how to be a good sport, overcoming challenges, setting goals, make friends, managing emotions and taking pride in accomplishments.


However, it's not always easy for kids to understand how to control their feelings when playing sports or games. Therefore, it's important to help your young athlete keep a salutary attitude about sports and make sure they learn how to deal with the stress that comes with competing.

Here at Kelly Sports, we believe all kids should have a healthy relationship with sports. Each child is different when it comes to deciding when they are ready to join a team or a club.

When it comes to playing competitive sports, we do believe kids need to be mature enough to listen to and respect the coach, as well as the standards of group instruction. If your child is super-passionate about netball or basketball for example but doesn't have the patience to perform practice drills over and over, they may not be ready to join a competitive team.

Overall, we feel as though competitive sports are a great experience for all ages, however, children do need to be at a mature enough level to fully recognize and appreciate the adventure.

Here at Kelly Sports, our sports programmes are designed to give kids a go at a number of different sports. We run early morning, lunch and after-school programs, as well as dance and gymnastics classes. To enquire about our after-school programmes, click here.

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