Here’s to an organised 2019!


Preparing for a new school year can be tough…particularly following the busy holiday break! We’ve put together some tips on helping your little ones prepare for school and stay organised throughout the year.


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  1. Clean up bedrooms – sorting through the clothes cupboards and toy drawers is a great way to kick start an organised 2019. Encourage them to only keep what they love, and donate the rest to kids in need! Moving furniture around to give the bedroom a new look and feel is also a great exercise at the start of the year.
  2. Sort out and buy new supplies – go through existing stationery items (e.g. books, pencils and textas) and decide what can be reused for the school year and what needs to be bought. Buying a new school bag or lunchbox is a great way to get your child excited for school and motivated to be more organised this year!
  3. Create a spot for their school bag and goodies to hang/be stored – this helps to create an after-school routine for tidiness and cleanliness. By establishing a routine, this eases the transition back into school life and lowers stress during those 'tired' times (3.00pm - 6.00pm and 7.30am - 8.30am)
  4. Establish a schedule – we know life gets busy and that’s totally fine but trying to stick to a regular dinnertime and bedtime will help your child fall into a pattern. A regular bedtime ensures your child will be well-rested and ready for school each day!
  5. Chore list – keep a list somewhere in the house with their chores (e.g. take out rubbish, put away the dishes). Establishing a reward system is always a great way to keep your child motivated when it comes to their chores. Rewards could include a visit to the movies, a favourite snack, etc.
  6. Family calendar – this one’s to help keep YOU sane! We recommend utilizing a large, wall-sized calendar to list all of your family’s commitments, extracurricular activities, days off from school and major events at home and at school.


It can be difficult to get back into a routine after a busy, fun-filled holiday period. We hope these tips help you and your little ones feel a bit better about tackling the new school year. Happy organising!

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